2nd week reflection

This week, we are exposed to some other examples of videos that might be useful for our video production. We also get to know more about pre production and so on. Our lecturer also gave us a lot of information regarding it. Then we were asked to work in group for our video production. There are our lecturer and Master’s seniors to guide us. We were also asked to find some videos that is related to the subject. We also help each other to create a blog.  It is a great day for us and we were guided throughout the class.We had to link our videos and the materials we present must be unique.We saw some of videos which represent the messages through poems and narrations.We also watched an interesting video about the water bottles. The videos had great text and graphic effects.

We are also required to download all the information from I-FOLIO and discuss about the technology,education and instructional technology.We were informed in detail about our coming project.


1st Week Reflection


This week was my first class Educational Technology We get a chance to meet our lecturer Dr Rosseni again. We are required to create a new blog for our class. Our lecturer gave us some description about how our class going to be. She also discusses about our assignments which will start soon. We also get a chance to see some assignment based video clips which was done by our seniors in previous session. We get to see few types of videos such as action, and documentary based. We get too see few  module videos which contains information that can help in doing our project which is video production.

As we know,reflection is a mental process which, applied to the act of learning, challenges students to use critical thinking to examine presented information, question its validity, and draw conclusions based on the resulting ideas.  This ongoing process allows the students to narrow possible solutions and eventually form a conclusion.  The result of this struggle is achieving a better understanding of the concept.  Without reflection, learning ends “well short of the re-organization of thinking that ‘deep’ learning requires” (Ewell, 1997].Effective learning situations require time for thinking. Students also reflect on themselves as learners when they evaluate the thinking processes they used to determine which strategies worked best.  They can then apply that information about how they learn as they approach learning in the future.Besides that,Dewey had listed few types of thought which related to reflection.It is leap to possible situation,intellectualization the problematic experience into problem can be solved, use of hypothesis to guide further observation and information gathering,elaboration of ideas into a reasoned supposition and experimentation and testing of hypothesis.