This week, we had a great class with our mentors. Ummi was along with us today. Pn Hazriati explains to us about the videos that we have supposed to finish. My group are on the way to finish it.Next, she told us about the poster that we must do for every group. Ummi shows us some of the examples of posters. It is really nice. I’m impressed with the design of the poster.Then we discussed about the video production, poster, group blog and story board in the class. My group still left few shots only for the video production. Then we decided we will have workshop in normal class. Then Mr Helmi and Pn Hazriati taught us about Video Movie Maker. It is really interesting when i learn it. I got a chance to make my own video. We will transfer of any video to the computer.The computer that i used had no Video movie Maker. I and my friend download it from internet. Timing is impotant in the video production. We clicked the video module and choose our individual video. Then we are require to transfer any video to the Movie Maker.After that, we will import the video and change it to storyboard. We will drag it to the box and play it. We were taught on how to edit the video by it’s appearance wise and so on. We must import the first video before moving to the another video, We can also cut the video. From video module, we also can insert the MP3 songs. Pn hazriati explain to us what we will do next week which is about the kaspersky and so on. These are some of the posters that we get to see in the class. That’s all for this week.Thank you.


Week 11 reflection

This week, We had our class with Pn Hazriati and Mr Helmi. As we all know, Ummi had left for Jordan. So, we continue with our work regarding to our video production. We need to present our first draft regarding our video production. We present a bit late because lack of group members. We need to compile our first draft of our video production.Our mentors will evaluate and comment on our video so that we can improve our work. We watched the first presentation about ‘friendship’. It was quite nice and the way of presentation is  really good.We also watched the second video which is a trip to broga hill. It was quite nice as their shoot it before and after the sunrise. The way they show their track to the hill was also very interesting. They got chance to interview few respondents on the hill. The sunrise part was the awesome one. I really love it. They are really tired but they enjoyed their day. The third was my group’s video. We started a bit late due to lack of group members. We waited for my others members of the group to enter the class and then we present it to Encik Helmi and Pn. Hazriati. We finished almost every part of the video and only got several part to shoot after that. Then we finished shooting on that week and just left editing process of the video and it is going on now. We hope we will finish it soon. That’s all for this week.

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Week 7-8-9 reflection

There been a quite long time already i didn’t do my blogging.I’m sorry for that.For these weeks, we get  more information about our video production. we got the schedule for activities and so on. we need to do our final presentation in few weeks of time. My group members and i are still working on our video production and we need to preview it. we had prepared our dialogues, storyboard, characters and so on.  As we know, there is no class on the 7th week  because we were on holiday for Hari Raya Haji. I quite enjoyed my holiday but i just stay at home and spend my little time with my family. It’s been a quite nice holiday because my mum always expect me to come back home every week. she can’t split with her only daughter.  I got to finish some of my assignment that time.[ i had to carry a heavy bag to pahang].

Ok, i will be back to the track. In these weeks, i had learned a lot of things in the class especially about the sound booth. I didn’t realise the existence of sound booth in computer until Mr. Helmi teaches about it. It is really interesting. We just choose a song from the computer and we edited it through the software.I learned how to import sounds from the file. i had chosen a simple song from the computer.I can cut or fade the sound and so on. My song was quite interesting when i edit it. The we were taught of plus or minus the pitch according to our needs and so on. We also learned about timing. I really enjoyed the class on the day.

Then Puan Hazriati shared her experience of attending a function in kindergarten. We got to know more about our task which should be finished by upcoming week. We got some time to further our video production.

That’s all. thank you.