Taare  Zameen Par was directed by Amir Khan. The story revolves  a boy named Ishaan Awasthi who is eight years old and his his world filled with wonders that no one else seems to appreciate; colors, fish, dogs and many more are just not important in the world of adults who are much more interested in things like homework, mark and neatness. and Ishaan just cannot seem to get anything right in the classroom. When he gets far more trouble than his parents can handle, he is packed off to a boarding school to be ‘disciplined’. Things are no different in his new school, and Ishaan has to contend with added trauma of separation from his family. One day, a new art teacher get bursts on the scene, Ram Shankar Nikumbh, who infects the students with joy and optimism. He breaks all the rules of ‘how things are done’ by asking them to think and imagine, and all the children responds with enthusiasm except Ishaan. Nikumbh soon realize that Ishaan is very unhappy and he sets out to discover why.With time. patience and care, he ultimately helps Ishaan find himself.


There are few lessons learned from this story. The first one is as a child, we must obey our parents because they are older than us. Parents should understand what their children needs. Children should understand their parents true love and care towards them. Teachers should not stress their students too much. They must try to figure out if the student having any problem. The next one would be education is important.If a child made mistakes, try to approach him or her in a soft way. Don’t be harsh to children.Don’t condemn a student because of the way the child studies. Teachers must help the students. Furthermore, Don’t ever underestimate special children. They too have future. Let the child explore his interest such as reading, drawing and so on. Then, parents should believe that their child can excel in academic. Moreover, every child have their own capabilities to study, ambition and so on. Lastly would be appreciate a child’s talent. Let it shine.

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This story is based on the life of three prisoner. It started when two prisoners were talking about a prisoner’s life in USA. He learns how to read and write in jail. He stated in his book that he only learned to read and write because of entering jail. Or not he won’t learn anything.The family visiting day begins. Then the story which leads to the flashback begins. The friend of the persona in the first story watches every moment of other prisoners with their family. Each of them have their own story. All prisoners started to realize their mistakes and tried to repent. The first story started when an elder son of the family had to commit crime in order to support his family. His mother was sick and can’t afford much through tailoring. He and his brother were forced to cheat others in order to collect money for their mum. They started to use various tactics to cheat people. One day, they got caught by the victims and were sent to their house. Their mum were really disappointed. Then  he was sent to jail. The second story revolves around a teenage boy who is a thief. He always escape all the time because of his innocent mother who believe him too much. One day, he will get caught by police when he broke into his neighbor’s house. But the mother still pays visit to the jail because she loved her son so much. Third story also revolves a teenage guy who loves illegal bike racing. He will race with his friends at night every day. One day, he almost get caught by police but he escaped. The next day, he got scolded by his dad because of bringing in his friend’s bike. Then, he went for illegal bike racing another time and he got caught at last. His friends left him just like that. His father advised him in jail and he started to realize his mistake.


There are few moral lesson in this story. We should not steal other’s property in order to create happiness in our family. We must always earn money in a honest way. Children should obey their parents. We must always have a good thought. We must search a job in order to support our family. It doesn’t matter whether it is a low profile job or not. We must take care of our family through the job. Don’t ever cheat people and sell things in an honest way. Younger siblings should not follow their older siblings if they are going on a wrong track. We must accomplish our parents wish in a good way. We must always give a hand to the individual who needs help. Don’t ever misuse the chance given. Try to repent when we get caught by somebody. Don’t try to repeat the same mistake again. Don’t disappoint our parents who had a great believe on us. Help our parents  when they are in desperate situation. There is no use of realizing our mistake after it’s too late.


We must always obey our parents. We must never steal other’s property. One should never break the promises made to other people. We must always pleads guilty done to other people and should admit our mistake. Parents should be appreciated. Every people should have a proper religious and moral education. Parents should not pamper their children too much. Try to find the truth when there is something wrong with our children’s behavior. Don’t ever blame our parents when they got separated. We must respect the older generation and don’t be rude to them. We must also respect our neighbors. Parents have a lot of love and care towards us. So we must appreciate it.


We as a teenager must realize that illegal bike racing is dangerous to us, family and society. We must have sufficient religious and moral education. We must not follow our friends who have negative thought and impact on us.We must study hard in order to achieve our ambition. The last one will be we should follow our country’s law so that we won’t commit any crime.

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