A very good morning everybody….

It’s been a long time since i updated my blog. I’m very sorry about that because i had been busy with my micro teaching past few weeks.

Let’s move on to the tutorial questions. Our beloved lecturer, Prof Rosseni had divided few assignments to us.One of it is the presentation based on a topic given. There is some students who present alone and some with their pair. It depends on the question.  We had some lovely cupcakes provided by our lecturer during the presentation. Thank you ummi…:)

The first presenter was Adira. She presented about” learner diversity and differentiated teaching”. It is quite interesting as it was easy to understand the points. She emphasized on the components of ‘SAALE MODEL’ and how a teacher can use it in teaching and learning process. ‘SAALE’ stands for S- systematic, A- approach for, A- adapting the  L- learning  E-environment. SAALE MODEL had begun during 1970’s and  aimed to allowed disabled children to get the same curriculum. It is a universal design and gave extra opportunities of access to students. According to what is explained by her, SAALE MODEL has three main components which is adapted environment, adapted instructional environments which is planning and teaching, and Adapted evaluation.

Adapted environment have three components which is socio- emotional, physical and behavioral. It is used to alert to a certain situation in class. The second one is adapted instructional environment which consists of  lesson plan, techniques and so on. It is used to do some changes in the stated matters. the last one which is adapted evaluation consists of  students evaluation and grading and used in holistic evaluation. Fairness is a must.

The next presenter was Nadia. She was quite nervous at first but she managed to present confidently.. Her topic is ‘Autism’. It is an interesting topic actually. According to nadia, There are four major characteristics of autism which is communication, social interaction, unusual behavior and learning. Communication were divided into two component which is verbal and non verbal. Social interaction is difficulty relating to people, events or object. Unusual behavior happens when the children have repetitive moments,  insistence  on sameness and so on. In learning, children have cognitive problem in attention and so on.

There are few signs of autism. It is inability to relate to others, hyperactive or passiveness, poor or lack of speech, strange attachments to objects and so on. Teacher should use various methods to facilitate them. Teacher can use instructional approaches, plan task at appropriate level, provide clear and brief oral instruction,and provide relaxation opportunities. Teachers can also use social stories.


autism 2

The last presenter was Yasmin. She presented about down syndrome children. Down syndrome children have few conditions which is delays, chromosonal condition, common abnormality in human [differences in IQ] nad so on. There is some identification of  down syndrome child. It is prenatal screening, after birth screening and pregnancy termination. There is some two types of educational institutes for the children which is regular school and specialized educational facilities.


All of them did very well…that’s all for today..thank you.




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