Good evening everyone……

We had  a presentation slot this time with Jannah and Nora. The first presenter was Nora. She describes learner diversity in Malaysia. It refers to all inclusive, collection mixture of all human differences and similarities  along a given dimension.  The dimension of diversity are educational background, learning style, disability,age, gender, religion and so on. Level of teachers perspective towards school diversity is still in moderate level. Teacher take things lightly in the education content. Ministry of education and school must execute awareness programs and facilities for teachers and students should be improved.

Next presenter was Jannah. She discussed about how education for all will be achieved. It depends on government and society. In government, They should state that primary school education is compulsory for all children. Children should master 3M. Special schools for special needs children should be provided and also some financial aid for the person who needs it. Government also must be based on  co-curriculum and curriculum syllabus so that it will be easier for teachers to conduct the classes. Special schools should increased to help the special children to get their education in a correct way.Society should should have self  awareness of about the importance of education in future and also self experience in education.

That’s all…thank you…:)

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