Hi Everyone…hope you all enjoying your day….

This was the last day of class and the important day for us. Presentation time!!! Each of the groups present their video.Such an amazing video. I’m really enjoyed.After we enter the class. All the groups are busy placing their posters on the notice board. We did placed our poster at last because was late on the notice board.  This was the awaited day for all groups. Every one placed their fullest hardwork in the project. They were eager to wait for their turn. We were anxious. This day was started with the little speech from our Dean, Prof. Lilia Hashim.

Picture of our Dean

She had to leave because of some urgent matter. Then, the day began.The first group was Imran’s group. They present a video which entitled ‘back then’. It shows the difference of  teenagers of now and those days. It is really interesting. Their poster was great. It is more great to see Imran in imam’s attire. They had conveyed a good message for the society. It is a good video.

The next presentation was  from the Farahfiza’s group. They had the Theme’ Friendship’. They had a lovely concept and video. We really like it. It shows a girls who had few friends. They are having the bond without count in the age,gender and so on.They are close with each other although they had a difference between their age. For example is Kak Rohana who is 32 years old.  Their group name is build based on their nicknames. It  is really interesting. They had an interview with the childrens to define Friendship. It is a great concept. Each person that the girl meet will get a box which contains biscuits of their nickname. At last they will combine all the biscuits.It is really unique. Their poster also really nice.

The next one is Kita Kita Productions. Well, This group is potrays the Importance  of environment. Well, this is a good idea as it is quite relevant to our current issue which is pollution. They had showed that we should not litter everywhere that we see. We should throw our rubbish into the dustbin. It is fun.The best part of the video is when they interviewed several Kajang residents who lost their properties due to the Flood. It is simple and interesting. Credits to the team. The poster are really good.

Then we will move on to Futurama Productions. Well, This group did about healthy lifestyle. It is a really important issue. The group went to the broga hill To cover about the surrounding. It is really nice and breath taking and it reminds me about my experience to Broga Hills. I really love it as they shows the sunrise at the hill. It is very relaxing as it only covers the nature. I like the interview part too..The interesting part of the video is when haffizie said that ‘ he can’t believe he did it’. The dialogue was funny. Broga Hill is a great place for outdoor activities. Everybody will love the panorama there. Credits to the team for introducing such a nice place.

The next is Cha Cha Creation. They potrays about  importance to pray although they are away from their home. They had described the types of prayers that can be performed when they are travelling. They are using a girl’s hobby which is travelling around the world to convey their message to the audience. The example of prayers is Solat Jamak. It is shorting two prayers into one. It is a really good performance. Credits to the groups….

The last group was my group which is The Last Minute Production. We did a video about themed ‘Friendship’. it is about a Lecturer who were assigned to counsel two problematic friends. They always had problem regarding their assignment. Then, the lecturer explains about his friendship with his three female friends. All the pain and gain, they took it together for 4 years. And now, everybody is busy with their career. One is singer, One is photographer and Mr Haidir and his another female friend were lecturers.It ‘s been a quite long time they meet each other. At last, the students repent and compromise with each other. We did our poster and publish our song video by izziatie in youtube.

After Presentation, We felt very happy…We had a great memory together with our classmates. It’s a nice and unforgettable day. After the class, we took pictures together with our Profesor and our Facilitators.

Again, i would like to thank Ummi Rosseni, our beloved lecturer and all the facilitators plus friends who helped us throughout the semester. Thank you for guiding us. I would never forget these days that we spend together in the class.

Thank you all…Good Luck….



Week 14 Review…ADOBE PHOTOSHOP :)

Good Morning everyone. Hope you all had a enjoyable day..

Well, this week, i didn’t attend the class. Actually i had plan to go back home on  this day because we are going to have a religious prayer for my grandmother who passed away a year ago. But unfortunately, i had to go back early which is wednesday night because of my fever which got worse on the day. Actually, i’m sick for two weeks and this particular week was the worst one. I try to manage myself and go to classes but on wednesday, It got worse until i cry at class and were sent to Pusat Kesihatan. It was the fourth visit to PK since i had this fever. Then i had to rush back home on the night.  I’ m sorry for the inconvenience. My immune system decreased and i had infection which cause the fever. But after i get back to home, I’m cured in few days. Thanks to mum.

But i did ask my friends about what they learned  in the class during my absence. I didn’t get a clear picture  about this from them and i’m confused. So i referred to the blogs and get to know that they studied about The ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. Well, adobe photoshop  is a graphics editing program developed and published by Adobe systems.

According to Wikipedia,Adobe Photoshop CS6 is the 13th major release of Adobe Photoshop. The CS rebranding also resulted in Adobe offering numerous software packages containing multiple Adobe programs for a reduced price. Adobe Photoshop is released in two editions: Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe Photoshop Extended, with the Extended having extra 3D image creation, motion graphics editing, and advanced image analysis features.Adobe Photoshop Extended is included in all of Adobe’s Creative Suite offerings except Design Standard, which includes the Adobe Photoshop edition.

For me, it is a fun thing to be learned. I really love it. Hope for the great weekend ahead.



Next, i heard that reminded us about our presentation day which is due on 21/12/2012. We need to prepare the

a] video



For the video Presentations, We had finished most of the part and just doing the editing. Hope we can do well….

Thank you.


Good morning everyone.Hope you had a great day.

This week was the 13th week. Time is running so fast.  We are getting to the end of the semester. So this Friday was a tiring day because i didn’t sleep well the night before because of busy doing assignments. This is usual thing in student’s life.

Then, i refresh myself as i will be having an enjoyable class session that morning. I motivated myself  as it was the last class in the week.

Ok. Now, let’s get started. This week, we had done many things and it is quite interesting throughout the day. We get a lot of information. We had three sessions today with Mr. Helmi, Pn Hazriati  and Pn Aida.

A] Session with Pn Hazriati

Well, Pn Hazriati teaches us about the CASPER’S PRINCIPLE. It was really interesting. I enjoyed it. It is layout design in electronic presentation such as Power Point, refers to the skills used to arrange media. There are few components in CASPER’S PRINCIPLE. It is contrast, Alignment,Simplicity,Proximity, Emphasis and Repetition. Contrast happens when there are two different items on screen and it should be differentiated in regard with each other.We must avoid overlapping and must help to attract audience. We must count in the Font size, type,line,color and graphics. Alignment was each element in the presentation should be in balance with the screen size. Simplicity was using simple graphic and information.Proximity have the Law of proximity and the distance between element.Emphasis uses the unique number and name. It is quite important as it may come out in our exam. These elements also really important as it may cherish our Presentation. In a word, i will look nice and better.

B] Session With Pn Aida

This was quite interesting as she was sporting as other facilitators. She is really friendly with us. She presents about Information Literacy.It is defined as the ability to know when there is a need for information, to be able to identify, locate, evaluate, and effectively use that information for the issue or problem at hand. This is the most common definition; however, others do exist. For example, another conception defines it in terms of a set of competencies that an informed citizen of an information society ought to possess to participate intelligently and actively in that society. This topic also very important for our examination.

C] Session with Mr Helmi

For his session, we have learned the editing process. We had used the ADOBE PREMIER. I really enjoyed the session as it was one of the best part of the class. i really love the usage of the ADOBE PREMIER, Photo cut and Photoshop. We learned step by step and it was really good start for us. It will really be helpful for our future.

That’s all for this week. Thank you….:)



Week 10 Reflection….[Presenting The First Draft] :)

It’s already week 10. Time is running so fast. I had forgot to update my 10th week earlier. Sorry for the inconvenience.  So in this week, we did something regarding our video production project. We use our full class hours to show the progress that we had achieved so far in our project in the class. We saw other groups presents their work at in front of the class. It was really nice as every group has their own unique concept and story board to get presented. First was the Farahafiza’s group. They had the same theme with us which is ‘Friendship’. We was quite impressed. It was a great work. They interviewed the children to define the meaning of friendship. Wait! i knew the childrens very well . I brought them to the ‘Pusat Sains Negara’ during a  Program organized by my Penyayang UKM club. The childrens were really polite as they are really respectful towards the people who is older than them. They listen to us very well.Then it’s our turn!! We were quite nervous so we just called over our facilitators to the table to show what we have done so far. That time, we had our project 90% finished. Just left the editing part of the video.

1.1 The photos of children

Next was Fahmi’s group. They visited the broga’s hill for their video production. It was really nice as they describe about the healthy lifestyle and link it with the exercise and so on. They really put their hardwork in…Although they was really tired, but they made it. The scenery was really nice. I went to the Broga hill before but didn’t manage to get to the top because i had internal muscle injury in my head 2 days before i went to the hill. I got headache at that time and i had to get down back. It was really good as it refresh back my memories in Broga hills.

The next group was Imran Yazid’s group. They had the different story timeline. It was quite interesting as they highlight the current issues that is happening now. It is the comparison between teenagers last time with nowadays.They had a good message to be conveyed. to the teenagers so that they didn’t choose the wrong path.

The next group was Adira’s group. But they didn’t present in front like us. They just showed their draft to Mr Helmi and Pn Hazriati.

The last one was my group. As i said, We also present in front of our facilitators. We really enjoyed our day in the class. Thank you. 🙂



This week, we had a great class with our mentors. Ummi was along with us today. Pn Hazriati explains to us about the videos that we have supposed to finish. My group are on the way to finish it.Next, she told us about the poster that we must do for every group. Ummi shows us some of the examples of posters. It is really nice. I’m impressed with the design of the poster.Then we discussed about the video production, poster, group blog and story board in the class. My group still left few shots only for the video production. Then we decided we will have workshop in normal class. Then Mr Helmi and Pn Hazriati taught us about Video Movie Maker. It is really interesting when i learn it. I got a chance to make my own video. We will transfer of any video to the computer.The computer that i used had no Video movie Maker. I and my friend download it from internet. Timing is impotant in the video production. We clicked the video module and choose our individual video. Then we are require to transfer any video to the Movie Maker.After that, we will import the video and change it to storyboard. We will drag it to the box and play it. We were taught on how to edit the video by it’s appearance wise and so on. We must import the first video before moving to the another video, We can also cut the video. From video module, we also can insert the MP3 songs. Pn hazriati explain to us what we will do next week which is about the kaspersky and so on. These are some of the posters that we get to see in the class. That’s all for this week.Thank you.

Week 11 reflection

This week, We had our class with Pn Hazriati and Mr Helmi. As we all know, Ummi had left for Jordan. So, we continue with our work regarding to our video production. We need to present our first draft regarding our video production. We present a bit late because lack of group members. We need to compile our first draft of our video production.Our mentors will evaluate and comment on our video so that we can improve our work. We watched the first presentation about ‘friendship’. It was quite nice and the way of presentation is  really good.We also watched the second video which is a trip to broga hill. It was quite nice as their shoot it before and after the sunrise. The way they show their track to the hill was also very interesting. They got chance to interview few respondents on the hill. The sunrise part was the awesome one. I really love it. They are really tired but they enjoyed their day. The third was my group’s video. We started a bit late due to lack of group members. We waited for my others members of the group to enter the class and then we present it to Encik Helmi and Pn. Hazriati. We finished almost every part of the video and only got several part to shoot after that. Then we finished shooting on that week and just left editing process of the video and it is going on now. We hope we will finish it soon. That’s all for this week.

….       ..

Week 7-8-9 reflection

There been a quite long time already i didn’t do my blogging.I’m sorry for that.For these weeks, we get  more information about our video production. we got the schedule for activities and so on. we need to do our final presentation in few weeks of time. My group members and i are still working on our video production and we need to preview it. we had prepared our dialogues, storyboard, characters and so on.  As we know, there is no class on the 7th week  because we were on holiday for Hari Raya Haji. I quite enjoyed my holiday but i just stay at home and spend my little time with my family. It’s been a quite nice holiday because my mum always expect me to come back home every week. she can’t split with her only daughter.  I got to finish some of my assignment that time.[ i had to carry a heavy bag to pahang].

Ok, i will be back to the track. In these weeks, i had learned a lot of things in the class especially about the sound booth. I didn’t realise the existence of sound booth in computer until Mr. Helmi teaches about it. It is really interesting. We just choose a song from the computer and we edited it through the software.I learned how to import sounds from the file. i had chosen a simple song from the computer.I can cut or fade the sound and so on. My song was quite interesting when i edit it. The we were taught of plus or minus the pitch according to our needs and so on. We also learned about timing. I really enjoyed the class on the day.

Then Puan Hazriati shared her experience of attending a function in kindergarten. We got to know more about our task which should be finished by upcoming week. We got some time to further our video production.

That’s all. thank you.


This week, we had learn more about mobile blogs, augmented reality and and mobile tag. These elements are really interesting to be studied and observed. The lecture also really informative and useful for me as a student. This is what we had done on our 4th week. Augmented reality is a live,direct or indirect,view of physical,real of environment whose elements are augmented by computer generated sensory input such as sound, video and graphic. As a result, the technology functions by enhancing one’s current perception of reality. The main hardware for augmented reality are sensors, processor, display and so on.

Mobile tags are the process of providing data read from text for display on mobile devices, commonly encoded in two dimensional barcode using the camera of a camera phone as the reader device.

We also had recap about our fifth week task which is instructional media design and development that needs assessment,goal analysis,learner and context analysis. According to Schwan 1977, media is the plural of medium, which in learning and training environments, is the means of communicating and transferring a learning concept or objective to another individual. Media are the replicable “means”, forms, or vehicles by which instruction is formatted, stored, and delivered to the learner. We had learn about the design, development and evaluation of instructional media.

Then, we had learned about the graphic and visual aid. According to Kate 1968, Visual aid is any object or picture that relates to the subject being taught. Posters, pictures, or even the object itself can be used to help teach. We also learns about the role of visual aids in teaching where i  discovered that it helps a lot in teaching process where i can use this aid enhance my ability in explaining something in detail in the classroom. I also learn about the aims of visual design and visual creation process. We had our self introductory video last time and today, we had our class video where each of us had to introduce ourselves and explain about what we learn in the class ans what is the benefits of the class that may help us in future.

We had a great time among ourselves with our lecturer and facilitators. We also had some food and drinks after the video shooting session. I really appreciate it and thank you very much. I hope i can do well in this course.

5th Week Reflection

This week, we learned about systematic planning in the use of media and evaluation. It includes Instructional Design.It is a systematic process to design,develop,implement and evaluate instruction.

There are 6 basic principles discussed in this instructional design. Students needs and objective must be analysed. The delivery strategy must be choosen and designed.Evaluation procedure must be developed and employ instructional system.

There are Assure’s model which contains six steps and the letter in ASSURE form an acronym.

Analyze learner—->state objective—->select media and materials—>utilize media and material—> require learner participation—>evaluate and revise

some of the things i had learned is:

1]Analyze learner consists of get to know the learners/audience

a] general characteristics

b]specific entry competencies.

c]learning styles

d] motivational factors

e] psychological factors.

2] state objective

a] audience-specifies the learner for whom the objective is intended

b] behavior

c] conditions


3] Choose a method to deliver your instruction

a]select media

b] media may-technology solution, internet sources,print resources.

4] Utilize media and materials

a] preview the materials

b] practice the presentation

c] prepare the environment

d] prepare the audience and material.

5] require learner participation

a]opportunities for learners to practice

b] get them to participate actively

c] get them involve in the learning process

6] Evaluate and revise

it is evaluation of learner achievement,media and methods, and instructional process.

In video production, there are pre phase and so on where when we recording a video, we must zoom at one object. the pan must be from left to right.When we use a dolly method, we can use a wheelchair and track  is the same movement with dolly but different orientation.

When we are recording a video, we must use the rules of thirds and so on.

We also learned about QR code. it is is the trademark for a type of  matrix barcode (or two-dimensional code) first designed for the automotive industry. More recently, the system has become popular outside the industry due to its fast readability and large storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes. The code consists of black modules (square dots) arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded can be made up of four standardized kinds (“modes”) of data (numeric, alphanumeric, byte/binary, kanji), or through supported extensions, virtually any kind of data.This are the image of QR code.

common in consumer advertising and packaging, because the popularity of smartphones “has put a barcode reader in everyone’s pocket  for the first time. As a result, the QR Code has become a focus of advertising strategy, since it provides quick and effortless access to the brand’s website. Beyond mere convenience to the consumer, the importance of this capability is that it increases the coversion rate (that is, increase the chance that contact with the advertisement will convert to a sale), by coaxing qualified prospects further down the conversion funnel without any delay or effort, bringing the viewer to the advertiser’s site immediately, where a longer and more targeted sales pitch may continue.

QR Codes can be used in Google’s mobile Android operating system using googles goggles or 3rd party barcode scanners. QR Codes can be used in iOS devices [iPhone/iPod/iPad] via 3rd party barcode scanners. The browser supports URI redirection, which allows QR Codes to send metadata  to existing applications on the device. Nokia’s Symbian operating system features a barcode scanner which can read QR Codes, while mbarcode is a QR Code reader for the Maemo operating system. In the Apple iOS, a QR Code reader is not natively included, but more than fifty paid and free apps are available with both scanning capabilities and hard-linking to URI. Google Goggles is also available for iOS. With Blackberry devices, the App World application can natively scan QR Codes and load any recognized Web URLs on the device’s Web browser. Windows Phone 7.5 is able to scan QR Codes through the Bing search app. They can also be used on the Nintendo 3DS.


This week, i would like to add about the web 2.0 application such as mobile blogs and so on. Mobile blogs is method of publishing to a website or blog from a mobile phone or other handheld device. A moblog helps habitual bloggers to post write-ups directly from their phones even when on the move. Mobile blogging has been made possible by technologies converges, as bloggers have been able to write, record and upload different media all from a single, mobile device.

Mobile blogging is popular among people with camera phones which allow them to e-mail/mms or sms photos and video that then appear as entries on a web site, or to use mobile browsers to publish content directly to any blogging platform with Mobile Posting compatibility.

Reflection on education,educational technology and instructional design.

Education is

  • the process of receiving or giving systematic instruction, especially at a school or university:a course of education
  • the theory and practice of teaching:colleges of education
  • [count noun] a body of knowledge acquired while being educated:his education is encyclopedic and eclectic
  • information about or training in a particular subject:health education
    education also is a enlightening experience.
    Education technology

    Educational technology is the study and ethical practice of facilitating learning and improving performance by creating, using and managing appropriate technological processes and resources. The term educational technology is often associated with, and encompasses, instructional technology and learning theory. While instructional technology is “the theory and practice of design, development, utilization, management, and evaluation of processes and resources for learning,” according to the Association for Educational Communications and Technology (AECT) Definitions and Terminology Committee,educational technology includes other systems used in the process of developing human capability. Educational technology includes, but is not limited to, software, hardware, as well as Internet applications, such as wiki’s and blogs, and activities. But there is still debate on what these terms mean.

    Technology of education is most simply and comfortably defined as an array of tools that might prove helpful in advancing student learning and may be measured in how and why individuals behave. Educational Technology relies on a broad definition of the word “technology.” Technology can refer to material objects of use to humanity, such as machines or hardware, but it can also encompass broader themes, including systems, methods of organization, and techniques. Some modern tools include but are not limited to overhead projectors, laptop computers, and calculators. Newer tools such as “smartphones” and games (both online and offline) are beginning to draw serious attention for their learning potential. Media psychology is the field of study that applies theories in human behavior to educational technology.

    instructional design

    Instructional Design (also called Instructional Systems Design (ISD)) is the practice of creating “instructional experiences which make the acquisition of knowledge and skill more efficient, effective, and appealing.” The process consists broadly of determining the current state and needs of the learner, defining the end goal of instruction, and creating some “intervention” to assist in the transition. Ideally the process is informed by pedagogically (process of teaching) and andragogically (adult learning) tested theories of learning and may take place in student-only, teacher-led or community-based settings. The outcome of this instruction may be directly observable and scientifically measured or completely hidden and assumed. There are many instructional design models but many are based on the ADDIE model with the five phases: 1) analysis, 2) design, 3) development, 4) implementation, and 5) evaluation. As a field, instructional design is historically and traditionally rooted in cognitive and behavioral psychology, though recently constructivism[learning theory] has influenced thinking in the field.

    From the texts above, i had found 3 of the topics are used in Educational Technology. Education happens when we acquire lesson   in our class. educational technology involves when we use the technology, software and any other things that related to education in class.


    i had read some of the reflection from last year’s group. All of the blogs are really interesting and enjoyed reading it. One of the good blog is senior Asri’s blog which contains a lot of interesting  reflections and picture.It is a great way of learning and it motivates me to create an interesting blog. It really helped me in doing my blogs. There is also other blogs that inspires me a lot. I can use it as a reference to correct my mistakes in doing blogs.

    (iii) reading of other materials in the course blog (computer education blog and  modulvideo blog) and the video production FB group.

    When i read materials in course blog such as modulvideo and video production FB, it really inspires me because i get to know a lot of things about IT world that i’m not familiar before. Frankly speaking, since small, i’m not so exposed to the IT world. all i know is basic things about the computer.But when i come here, i had learn a lot of things and it is useful for me. I never had my own blogs before i took this course. This course and the materials provided in Modulvideo and so on are really beneficial for me. Besides that,i get to know about the photography also. I get to know its function, important elements, the product and so on. I get to know about video production and so on. It consists of Pre-production, production and so on.

    (iv)describe how you feel when interacting with the resources, people and owner of the course blog (computer education and the modulvideo blog) and FB group.

    What i feel during the interaction is i get a lot of help from Dr Rosseni and brothers and sisters who is a Master’s student. They are really helpful. They will explain about everything step by step and it’s easier for us to understand it quickly. We are also guided on how to do our weekly reflection. I learn about new things in the class. For example is photography. We were teached on how to produce a nice video.  I admit that i learned a lot from the modulevideo. I get to know about the video production’s phase step by step. Every move is clearly stated there. There is a lot of tips that we can use for video production. When i communicate with my friends about this assignment, they really helped me especially a friend who helped me in introductory video production.